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LA FASHION WEEK | Project Ethos Overview by Slingshot Photography for CilaneNior Public Relations

Saturday March 12th, 2011, Project Ethos

Photographer: Jane Sjofjan | Slingshot

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One Response to “LA FASHION WEEK | Project Ethos Overview by Slingshot Photography for CilaneNior Public Relations”

  1. The evening was exceptionally exciting. “Breath taking away” like a shock to the heart . Models here, Press shooters there, Designers everywhere! It was every one Elites dream come true. There they strolled down the runway, in fancy shoes and sexy swim wear. Delectable to the human eye was Seth Aaron Henderson and his provocraft instyle of unique fashion design wear. Mouth watering and scrumptious to say the least as Veila showed off such tater teasing garbs. Lights fluttering , the crowd reacting and the sound of clickering cameras shuttering about the night. Project Ethos what a decadent idea to have been invented. As the curtain caller was about to reveal itself. Flashing smiles of lordly pride embraced the mood as the one night of bliss came to it’s end while lights faded into the faces who wore such “guise”. Faces that moments earlier melted beneath the lights, so suddenly evaporated into the midst of night. A night that swiftly unraveled itself into a facinating Fashionable Success. Project Ethos a divine haven to satisfy every EGO on a high trip to heaven.

    Roe M. Rotondo,
    Writer/Modeling Director for Slingshot Photographery Productions.


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New York Fashion Week is also great.